Type-2, non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus

The Type-2, non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus may also be known as maturity onset diabetes or adult onset diabetes. This type of diabetes gradually occurs before 40 years of age, though it may occur at any age.
The number of type-2 diabetes in adolescents is increasing day by day. It may not be noticed as the symptoms are very mild and it remains undetected for a long period of time till later years of life.

The occurrence of Type-2, non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus can only be realized after a routine urine test or a blood test shows presence of excessive glucose. In this type of diabetes the level of insulin in the blood may be normal but the body cells may refuse to accept insulin which may lead to excessive presence of sugar in the bloodstream.
Almost 80 percent of the patients are found to be overweight with the Type-2, non-insulin-dependent diabetes. It is not fully clear what may lead to resistance of insulin. Excess weight and fatty tissues are the most important factors leading to type -2 non-insulin-dependent diabetes. However, type-2 is the most common form of diabetes with 85-90 percent of all the cases. Article by © www.diabetessymptomscare.com


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