Diabetes Skin Care: (Neuropathic diabetics and bacterial infections) Know the 13 Typical Complications-IV

This penultimate section tackles Neuropathic diabetics and bacterial infections.


Generally patients suffering from neuropathy are more prone to foot injuries. And, if they are suffering from also diabetes, the cause for worry is more. Such people come to know of any feet injuries that they might have suffered only after the damage is already done. This is because such neuropathic patients do not experience pressure, cold, heat or pain. Uncared open cuts and wounds easily catch infection.

REMEDIES: They can use three-in-one foot creams or medications. These come equipped with a toner, cleanser and moisturizer. The medication needs to be applied at least twice daily and only after the feet are washed with fresh and totally dried. You need not rub in the cream. Paste and spread it evenly over the entire feet portion. You don’t have to use the cream in other portions of the leg as Diabetic Dermopathy does not generally affect other regions of the leg. You can follow it up with a slow massage of the feet for a relaxing feeling. Some dermatologists prescribe zinc doses over several months. This clinical strategy works if the blood sugar level is normal.


Staphylococcus is one of the typical skin infections among diabetics. Though they can appear among non-diabetics, these skin bursts are more serious among diabetics with high sugar levels.

They generally occur as bacterial nail infections and/or styes that are infections of the eyes. They can also be in the forms of inflamed modules commonly termed “boils” at the bases of hair follicles. The hair shaft gets irritated in the process. The clinical remedial processes include antibiotic medications like creams and/or pills.

REMEDIES: Consult your doctor on the appearance of the symptoms. Anti-bacterial medications or pills help in the initial stages. The moot point is to never pop up pills or go for creams without experts’ advice.


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