Diabetes Skin Care: (Necrobiosis, Allergic Reactions, Sclerosis, Xanthomatosis and Disseminated Granuloma Annulare) Know the 13 Typical Complications-II

In this second segment, you will learn of five more typical skin complications of diabetics, namely: Necrobiosis, Allergic Reactions, Sclerosis, Xanthomatosis and Disseminated Granuloma Annulare.

NECROBIOSIS: It is clinically identified as Necrobiosis Lipoidica Diabeticorum or NLD in short. Consult your doctor or a skin specialist at the initial stages.

This typical skin complication is somewhat similar to Dermopathy; but the patches are more serious and larger. They penetrate deeper into the skin. They appear as reddish raised portions on the upper portions of the feet that are covered with sensitive skin unlike the lower hard and tough region. A distinct purple boundary line is also seen at times.

In some extreme cases, the affected blood vessels become visible. They may start itching and scratching breaks the patches causing pain. The patches may crack by themselves too. Open sores, both wet and dry, needs immediate medical care. This is typical skin syndrome of women diabetics.

ALLERGIC REACTIONS: These are rash-like reactions to insulin injections. They may subside after some time. However, if they persist consult your doctor.

SCLEROSIS: The main symptom of this skin complication is joint stiffness. In some cases the skin of the hands, forehead and the feet turn waxy and thick.

XANTHOMATOSIS: This skin syndrome is common among diabetics having high levels of blood sugar. If the sugar level is not brought under control, it aggravates the condition. The symptoms of Xanthomatosis are pea-like pigmentation. They are faint yellowish in colour, and appear in hands, feet, legs and buttocks besides other parts of the body.

DISSEMINATED GRANULOMA ANNULARE: This skin syndrome affects the regions around the ears and the fingers. It is characterized by well-defined arc or ring-shaped raised patches. Your doctor or a dermatologist will be able to provide the right health measures.

CONCLUSION: Since diabetes is basically a lifestyle ailment, the patients must follow a physically active roster and also change their food habits. Daily physical exercise for at least 30 minutes is a must. Positive thinking combined with meditation can also be a rejuvenating factor.


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