Diabetes Skin Care: (Dry skin, scalp disorders and feet ailments) The Three Common Ailments

The most common diabetic skin ailments are the following three: Dry skin, scalp disorders and feet ailments.

DRY SKIN: Dry skin is easily prone to cuts caused by minor abrasions and scratches. They can lead to serious complications. So, diabetics with dry skin must regularly use moisturizers that also act as conditioners or toners. They should preferably go for the natural herbal medications that have no side effects.

Those with normal skin need not use moisturizers. For them conditioners reinforced with Vitamin E and herbal extracts are ideal.

SCALP DISORDERS: These are generally neglected areas. Dandruff and lice are the two common agents that cause scalp disorders. It is more so the case with diabetics.

Dandruffs are flakes of skin that scale off the dry scalp. They remain on the hair shaft, scalp and around the hair. On the other hand, the nits (eggs of lice) are almost similar in shape and colour (white) to the dandruff. Within one to two weeks the nits develop into nymphs and in another week’s time they mature. The mature female lice again lay nits. A louse lives for about 30 days. Ultimately the scalp turns into a maternity ward of the lice.

One potent factor that can cause considerable health complications is head lice. Lice sustain themselves by sucking blood from the scalp. As these ant-like six-legged parasites bite the scalp to suck blood, or even when they move around the person experiences an intense itching sensation. The bites are also intolerable as not one but several lice start biting all around the scalp. Lice bites and constant scratching following incessant itching can cause sores. Left uncared, the sores can start festering causing serious health problems later on. Both the dandruff and the lice cause unbearable itching and consequently irritation.

The person concerned starts scratching to get relief. Constant scratching causes the scalp skin to scale off, at times sores develop. They start festering what with lice bites and scratching still continuing. The wounds can become really life threatening if they are not healed at the initial stages.

REMEDIES: The patient can resolve both the issues by waging a dedicated and continuous battle against dandruff and lice infection. Dandruff can be solved with across-the-counter medications used over a period. But lice infection takes time. Only a combined manually operated strategy and clinical means can solve the problem. (Please check out the details in Tackling Lice)

FEET AILMENTS: The feet carry the entire weight of the body and are also very vulnerable to cuts that degenerate into wounds and infections complicate the problem further.

Remember, many diabetics are compelled to have their feet amputated. Such an extreme step has to be taken to ensure the incurable infection does not spread to the remaining portion of the patients. Hence, take proper care of the feet. (Please check out the details in the article Diabetes Skin Care: Extra Care of Feet Must)


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