Diabetes mellitus: Tackle this silent invader

The first aspect about diabetes management is that it is not as deadly as people make it out to be.

Diabetes Mellitus : A Silent Invader

Diabetes is a silent invader
Diabetes is basically a rich man’s disease.
Diabetes happens to people who have enough to eat. It’s the wrong lifestyle or eating habits that cause diabetes.

Diabetes Connected to Modern Lifestyle

If diabetes is connected to modern lifestyle, what is ‘modern lifestyle’?
Modern lifestyle is marked by sedentary habits. Lack of physical exercise and unhygienic eating habits have combined to make the so-called “modern man” a potential victim of diabetes
The number of diabetics is rising daily.

When Does a Person Suffer From Diabetes?

A person suffers from diabetes when the person’s body fails to control the glucose (sugar) content in the body. Glucose or sugar is one of the catalysts that help the body to carry on its normal functions (technically termed ‘metabolism’).

Why is GLucose or Sugar Needed?

Glucose or Sugar is needed to generate heat for carrying on metabolism. It is the complex process activated the moment we put any morsel in our mouths. Metabolism breaks up the food into its constituents like minerals, fats, vitamins, water, sugar, water and waste products.

Which Organ Manages Glucose or Sugar?

The organ that manages the sugar absorption and content of the body is the pancreas located in the abdomen.
The pancreas secretes a hormone called ‘insulin’ which is actually the manager of glucose.

What is the link between Metabolism & Diabetes?

The most important and determining
Metabolism is a natural and spontaneous process that our bodies undertake.
Metabolism refers to the natural mechanism when the body ‘burns’ or breaks up the food we consume.
Metabolism extracts the vitamins, minerals and other important items required by the body.
Metabolism does this by generating heat to carry on the food burning and extraction (read ‘metabolism’) processes.

Diabetes Mellitus : Reform your eating habits

Diabetes has also been linked to the modern eating habits.
The rat race for pelf and power has transformed the lifestyle of a modern person to that of an automaton. Almost 99.9 per cent of the people are adopting a lifestyle where fast food is the rule.
They skip breakfast – for work!
They don’t have lunch – time is a constraint!
Supper is a forgotten term in the lexicon of the “modern-day” professional. They are too tired to prepare or cook their night-time meal.


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